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All iExperts Consultants and Instructors worked for multinational organization for a years
They have the enough experience to deliver world class level of service. home img

Virtual Training

The remote course is delivered by one of iExperts instructors trough an online remote session, the customer in this model can hear, see the instructor and his/her shared screen to implement the labs by hands

Cyber Security Services

iExperts deliver Security Hardening service, Auditing, Pen Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, Code Review, Risk Assessment, Compliance Services

World Class level Service

iExperts targeting the perfection and the excellence all the time, as a result of this our loyal customers trust our services to support their business

Best Courses by the Experts

In "Fly Me an Instructor" model we provide our clients with the qualified expert to deliver training onsite.

"Virtual Training" in this fantastic model you can attend the course form home, office, whereever. without any need to travel or move to anywhere.

In "Customized Training" model We provide our clients with the customized training they like, in addition to our experts advices to achieve their needs.

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IT and Cyber Security Courses

iExperts Provide many Training Courses like:
Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing, Forensic investigation, Risk Management
In addition to many customized courses

iExperts Services

iExperts Professionals are delivering a world class service with average +15 years of experience for every expert

iExperts helped many organizations around UK, Europe and Middle East to enhance their Services delivery experience, get the needed knowledge to reduce the security risk on their business, getting the needed experience to perform their duties in a very efficient way.

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